Calendar of regular bookings held at the hall

The Smith Memorial Hall, Withington, Hereford

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Marden District Brownies


The Brownies meet between 5.30—7.30pm every Monday in the Hewison Lounge.


Contact the District Commissioner Trisha for more information.

Email: tbartup@gbliners.com

Inline K9 Dog Training


Dog Training meet between 6.30—8.30pm every Tuesday in the Main Hall.


For more information contact Ian ‘Taff’ Beddoe on

Tel: 07731 440535

Slimming World


Slimming World meet every Wednesday  at 7.30pm in the Main Hall.


For more information call Linda

Tel: 01432 761821 or visit

Web: www.slimming world.com


Withington Garden Club


The Garden Club meet between 7.30—9.30pm every third Wednesday in the Hewison Lounge.


For more information contact Debbie Barber

Tel: 01432 853086

Little Notes Music Club


The Little Notes Music Club meet between 10.00—11.30 am every Thursday in the Main Hall. Ages 0-4yrs

For more information contact Gemma

Tel: 07890 178099

Email: littlenotes@rocketmail.com

Web: www.littlenotesmusicclub.vpweb.co.uk

Village Hall Whist Drive


The Whist Drive group meet between 7.30—10.30pm every first Thursday of the month in the Main Hall or Hewison Lounge.


For more information contact Gwen

Tel: 01432 850860

Lugg Valley Archers


Lugg Valley Archers Winter months meet between 7—9pm every second, third and fourth Thursday in the Main Hall.

During the Summer we meet at Mordiford Primary School.


For more information contact

Email: lvca@live.co.uk

Web: www.herefordshirearchery.co.uk

Withington Village Youth Club


The Youth Club Ages 8-17yrs meet every Friday in the Upstairs Lounge. (not inc school holidays).

Junior school ages 6.30-7.30pm. Secondary school ages 6.30-8pm.

For more information contact Kate

Tel: 07825 135594



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Regular Hirer Contacts

Gateway Bridge Club


The Briidge club meet on the 1st, 3rd and 5th (if possible) Monday of every month at 6.45pm in the Main Hall.

For more information and to arrange partners call either

Tel: 01432  355928 Kate Lucas

Tel: 01432  272031 or visit

















17.30-19.30 Brownies (Hewison Lounge)


1900-2100 Gateway Bridge Club.  1st, 3rd (5th) Monday of the month.

(Main Hall}


Upstairs Lounge available

18.30-20.30 Dog Training

(Main Hall)


Hewison Lounge available


Upstairs Lounge available

18.30-21.30 Slimming World

(Main Hall)


Hewison Lounge available


Upstairs Lounge


10.00-11.30 Little Notes Music Club (Main Hall)


18.30-22.30 Whist Drive (Main Hall) 1st Thursday of the month


19.00-21.00 Lugg Valley Archers (Main Hall)

2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursday of the month


Upstairs Lounge available

18.30-20.00 Youth Club

(Upstairs Lounge)


Main Hall available


Hewison Lounge available

All rooms


All rooms